Quinoa Curry Bowl

Another easy to prepare meal. Got the recipe from FOK. Delicious, and nutritious!

One thing I’ve found since I went whole food, plant-based is that there are a lot of great recipes out there. Many of them are time-consuming to prepare though, especially when you factor in the learning curve… I’m still new to this way of eating and food prep. It’s crucial to have some easy recipes in your hip pocket for those last-minute meals when time is of the essence. Or when you’re hungry and you just don’t feel like spending two hours in the kitchen preparing your meal. This is one of those recipes. It’s quick, easy, and surprisingly delicious!


Welcome to my blog! After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I switched to a whole food, plant-based diet. The results have been amazing! By changing my eating habits I’ve been able to reverse type 2 diabetes, get off of my blood pressure medications, end chronic heartburn, eliminate gout, lose 70 pounds, and enjoy life!

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